Vice Rector Mr Youcef Boukedroune


Phone: +213 027

The Deputy Directorate of Development, Foresight and Guidance is responsible for the following :

  • Full responsibility for the preparation of development investment projects for the university, their follow-up and ensuring their realization, whether they are centralized or sectoral development investment projects in coordination with the various local and state authorities
  • Gathering the necessary data to prepare projects for university development plans
  • Carrying out every prospective study on the expectations of developing the university’s student census and proposing every measure to take care of them, especially in the field of development of pedagogical and administrative framing equipment
  • Keeping the university’s statistical card and ensuring that it is periodically updated
  • Preparing media props in the field of the educational path guaranteed by the university and its professional outlets
  • Put at the disposal of the university administration and students all information that will help them in choosing their direction
  • Promotion of student information activities

It includes the following interests :

  • Statistics and Foresight Department
  • Guidance and information department
  • Department of follow-up of construction and equipping programs of the university.