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System Architecture

The L M D system is articulated in three training cycles:

  • A cycle organized in 6 semesters leading to the Bachelor’s degree
  • A second cycle organized in 4 semesters leading to the Master’s degree
  • A three-year third cycle leading to the doctorate degree.

The advantages of the LMD

Organization of lessons:

  • Training is offered in {{Domain}} – sector – specialty
  • The courses are grouped into Training Areas.
  • A field covers several disciplines.
  • The organization of training is carried out in semesters and teaching units (E.U.). Each EU has a defined value in credits proportional to the work (courses, tutorials, practical work, internships, etc.)

Measurement of lessons:

  • The education and training received is measured in credits and not in years of study.
  • The degree is divided into semesters; To validate a semester, 30 credits are required. – Gather 180 credits to obtain the License (At the rate of 6 semesters). – Gather 120 credits to obtain the Master (At the rate of 4 semesters).
  • The compensation is maintained: the student who does not have the average for one or more UEs will still be able to validate his semester if he has the average for all the UEs.

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