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Dean : Dr Ibrahim Bousalhih

Email :

Phone : +213 027 556 847

Specialties & Departments:

This faculty provides training in the following specialties:

NLS Common Core Department:

Department of Agricultural Sciences:

Soil and Water license

 Vegetal production

 Animal Production

Master in Hydro-Agricultural Development

Animal Production

Vegetal production

Department of Biological Sciences:

License Microbiology.

 Animal Biology and Physiology.

Microbial Biotechnology.

Plant Biotechnology and Plant Breeding.

Master in Microbial Biotechnology.

Plant Biotechnology.

Cell Physiology and Physiopathology.

Applied Microbiology.

PhD Biotechnology

Department of Earth Sciences:

License Applied Geology

Master Hydrogeology.

Water Resources and Geo-environment.

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics.

Ecology and Environment Department:

License in  Ecology and Environment.

 Aquaculture and Fish farming.

Master’s degree in Applied Hydrobiology.

Protection of ecosystems.


Agroecology PhD.

Environmental Protection.

Research laboratories

The  faculty has two (02) research laboratories:

ERP Laboratory (Water, Rocks & Plants):

PRAVDUN Laboratory (Agricultural Production and Sustainable Development of Natural Resources)