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Dean : Dr Nesredine Bouyahia


Phone: +213 027 329 066

This faculty provides training in the following specialties:

Department of History:

License degree in   

Master’s degree History of Sub-Saharan Africa

History of the Resistance and the Algerian National Movement

History from 1519 to 1830

PhD The Civilizational Role of Algeria

History of the Algerian Revolution

General History

Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences:

License degree in Counseling and Orientation License

Master’s in Counseling and Guidance

Counseling and Guidance Doctorate

Educational Sciences

School Psychology

Department of Social Sciences:

License in General Philosophy

Master in Arab and Islamic Philosophy

Applied Philosophy

Doctorate in Philosophy of Human Sciences

General Philosophy

Applied Philosophy

Department of Sociology:

license  degree in Sociology

Master in Deviance and Crime

PhD Sociology of Deviance and Crime

Sociology of Education

Department of Information and Communication Sciences:

License       degree in     

Master in Mass Communication and New Media

Communication and Public Relations

PhD in Mass Communication and New Media

Communication and Public Relations

Department of Humanities:


Master’s degree Administration of documentary organizations and libraries


Research laboratories

Media, public opinion and the value-making industry

Education, prevention and sustainable social development

Algerian institutions throughout history and their role in national development