The post office

The post office at Djilali Bounaama Khemis Miliana Universityis open everyday except weekends, to allow students to carry out all electronic banking, postal and financial operations such as with drawal of scholarships, money transfers, payment of registration fees, sending mail …This office is to make life easier for the student and to avoid go to other post offices far from the university.

Students canal so  have do all mentione doperations online by visiting the like below :


The Auditorium in our campus is a space for scientific and cultural meetings organized by various scientific institutions from scientific research laboratories, Faculties, and social partners in the work environment. It also hosts the various scientific and cultural activities of active student clubs and associations at Djilali Bounaama Khemis Miliana University.

The University of Djilali Bounaama Khemis Miliana’s auditorium contains 440 seat which can accommodate very large scientific and cultural events, in particular : international congresses, forums, study days as well as the celebration of national and global. This scientific structure also contains a reception room and a hall dedicated to scientific and cultural exhibitions.

The university medical clinic.

Basketball court.

Football field

fighter & the late Mohamed Hemri
الله have mercy on him

The university dormitory with 1000 beds in Ain Defla.