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The DjilaliBounaama University of KhemisMiliana – Ain Defla, established in 2012, is a multidisciplinary public institution. It currently has over 18,500 students, 829 teachers, and 783 technical and administrative staff members, distributed across six faculties: Science and Technology, Law and Political Science, Economics, Arts and Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Life Sciences, and an Institute of Sports Science and Technology.

DjilaliBounaama University strives to promote and encourage scientific research in harmony with the challenges of globalization. It currently has 12 research laboratories approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, covering various fields. This commitment to global engagement is reflected in the signing of several cooperation agreements with universities from multiple countries such as France, Romania, Turkey, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and more. These agreements are designed to facilitate scientific exchanges, mobility of researchers, students, and university staff. With this perspective, the university aims to build bridges for the exchange of experiences and expertise, enhance teaching methods, boost scientific research, and establish a strong and sustainable cooperation network.