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The General Secretary of the University Djilali Bounaama is Ms Bensmaili Samia


Phone: +213 027

Tasks and services of the General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is responsible for :

-To ensure the management of the university personnel  careers in the respect of the attributions of the faculty and the institute in the matter.

– Preparing the projects and the budget of the university and following their execution.

 -To ensure the follow-up of  the financing of activity laboratories and research units.

-To ensure the proper functioning of the university’s common services.

-Implement and promote the university’s cultural and sports programs.

-Ensure the follow-up and coordination of the university’s internal security plans in relation with the ministerial  internal security office.

-Ensure the management and conservation of the archives and the documentation of the rectorate.

-To ensure the operation and management of the university’s setting office.

The general secretariat to which the general order office and the internal security office are attached includes the following sub-directorations


Sub-Directoration of Personnel and Training.

Sub-Directoration of Budget and Accounting.

Sub-Directoration of Means and Maintenance.

Sub-Directoration of Scientific, Cultural and Sporting Activities.

Common Services

 -Center for Information, Communication Networks and Systems, Distance Learning and Teaching.

  -Center for Intensive Language Teaching

 -Printing and Audiovisual Center