Social services encompass all the initiatives or achievements that contribute to improving and developing the livelihood of teachers, employees, and workers, both financially and emotionally. These services are provided in the form of healthcare, housing, basic necessities of life, culture, entertainment, and generally, all social measures that target the daily life of the user and their family, enabling them to enhance their productivity or job performance.

The committee is established by a decision of the supervisory ministry, confirming the formation of the committee consisting of members elected every three years, representing both teachers and workers.

The social services committee is a special program approved in a general assembly by the users, and the committee is responsible for its implementation during its elected term.

The employing entity funds its affiliated social services fund through an annual contribution calculated as 3% of the gross wage mass, including various types of bonuses and compensations, based on calculations for the previous fiscal year.

The social services fund can also be funded in addition to the contribution from the employing entity through the following resources:

§  Revenues generated from service provision.

§  Resources resulting from sports and cultural events organized by the entity responsible for managing social services.

§  Assistance from public bodies and institutions.

§  Gifts and legacies.

§  Possible financial contributions from the users.

The following areas are funded by social services:

§  Social assistance.

§  Healthcare services.

§  Maternity homes and childcare centers.

§  Popular sports.

§  Entertainment and cultural activities.

§  Activities aimed at developing popular tourism.

§  Family relaxation centers.

§  Recreation centers.

§  Vacation centers.

The social services committee is accompanied by a management structure appointed by the university administration, responsible for financial and accounting auditing of the committee’s activities. It also prepares the annual financial report.

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