Central Library

Our central library has a documentary collection of 42,523 titles, including 135,120 copies.

The Central Library was born with the creation of the University Center of Khemis Miliana on September 18, 2001 in accordance with Executive Decree No. 01/280 of 30 Jumada al-Thani 1422 corresponding to September 18, 2001.

The University of Djilali Bounaama of Khemis Miliana has a central library, a library in the new annex and a library in the Faculty of Letters and Languages.
The Central Library has a diversified, multidisciplinary and multilingual documentary fund at the service of students, teachers and researchers of the university, covering all disciplines in the fields of humanities and social sciences, arts and languages, sciences and techniques, natural and life sciences, earth and universe sciences, law and political sciences, economics, sciences and techniques of physical and sporting activities.

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