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Vice Rector : Pr Miliani Djezzar

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Tel / Fax : +213 027 556 867

Scientific research is at the center of the process of building a modern nation. Responsible for any technological advance, it constitutes an essential and strategic factor of socio-economic and cultural development of a country. It also allows the influence of the university  through the promotion and valorization of the scientific production to ensure  a good visibility in national and international level 

The ambition of the University Djillali Bounaama of Khemis Miliana (DBKMU), is to offer the favorable conditions for a useful and quality scientific research, able to contribute significantly to economic development, social and cultural. For that, the DBKMU offers to researchers and doctoral students an appropriate professional technical environment through modern infrastructures and hight- performance equipment guaranteeing pleasant working conditions. These assets allow the implementation of research projects in the framework of doctoral training or external collaborations

     The vice-rectorate in charge of postgraduate training, university accreditation, scientific research and post-graduate training, has the mission of leading  and promoting scientific research and ensuring the follow-up of post-graduate training. It also sees to the application and respect of the regulations, ethics and deontology of scientific research whose main characteristics remain quality and honesty

The information contained in the site of the vice rectorate allows among  

other things

Support and management of scientific research at the level of DBKMU

 (research projects, research laboratories, research units etc) level Dissemination of necessary and useful informations concerning  the  doctoral training available as well as on the procedures and regulations related to registration and PHD defense

Registration for university accreditation: Conditions and procedures for access to university accreditation

Distribution of regulatory texts and specific forms


Service of post-graduate training and specialized post-graduation

Service of the university habilitation

Service of scientific research  and valorization of results